Commercial Swimming Pool Openings

Making sure you get your pool opened properly is a great way to ensure that you have a great swimming pool season.  We not only open the pool and de-winterize the equipment we also check over the equipment to ensure it is working properly.  Equipment that is not functioning at 100% will only cause you problems throughout the season.

Commercial swimming pool opening


Pool Cover Cleaning

We can remove your cover from your facility and store it at our warehouse facility.  We will also clean it off and let it dry before long term storage.

Full Chemical Stabilization

At the start of every season it is important to not only check the chlorine and pH but also the total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid.  These do not change as quickly as chlorine and pH but if they are not in balance your pool could go GREEN!  Chemistry is a very important part of the pool triangle (Pool Triangle – Flow, Filtration, Chemistry), ignoring these other values would not be wise.

Additional Cleanings

If your pool is just not looking that great and you want a professional to clean and balance it, we can do that.

Chemical Delivery

If you need us to bring out additional chemicals when we do the opening that is no problem.  Please mention this at the time you setup your opening.

Standard Opening

$39999Starting At For Commercial Pools
  • Includes 20 minutes of cleaning
  • Add a Clean & Store Cover for $185

Opening Plus +

$49999Starting At For Commercial Pools
  • Includes 20 minutes of cleaning
  • Includes 1 Additional Cleaning Visit
  • Add a Clean & Store Cover for $185
Swimming Pool Service Price Details
Clean & Store Cover Service $285
1 Hour Pool Cleaning $79 Chemical not included
Chemical Delivery Free Delivery Call about chemical prices