Commercial Swimming Pool Painting Service


If it is time to sandblast off that old paint and start fresh, we can help.  With options of epoxy finishes, rubber base enamels, and acrylic coatings, we are sure to have the right product for your project.  If you have major damage or cracking to your pool shell, don’t worry.  Our team can repair the damage as if it was never there.  We are committed to meeting the challenges of the future by offering environmentally friendly products and the latest technologies.

new swimming pool painting


Pool Cover

There is no better way to project your investment than with a new pool cover.  The warm winters in St. Louis means that algae can grow and this can stain your newly painted surface.  Today’s high grade mesh safety covers can block 98% sun light while still allowing water to drain.  This means that algae can’t grow and when you open your pool you will not have to drain and acid wash that beautiful surface.

Deck Coatings

Have you considered sealing your pool deck as well.  Freshen up an old worn out pool deck by applying a surface coating over your existing concrete.  Cracks can be sealed and when all done it will look new and clean.  It will also be much cooler to walk on than that old concrete.

Coping and Tile

Is your swimming pool’s coping and tile falling off, it might time to tear it all off and start over.  The harsh St. Louis freeze and thaw winters can really tear up a pools coping and tile.  Let our professionals repair the damage and put it back on right giving you years of trouble free maintenance on your tile and coping.

Drain and Acid Wash (Painted Pool)

$69999Starting At For Commercial Pools
  • Includes Powerwash of pool surface
  • Add $99 for follow up visit

Pool Painting Estimate

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Swimming Pool Service Price Details
Clean & Store Cover Service Commercial $285
1 Hour Pool Cleaning $79 Chemical not included
Chemical Delivery Free Delivery Call about chemical prices