Are you ready to take your first step in becoming a lifeguard with Unique Pool Management?

We hold classes for those willing to work for us at pools we manage. Classes start in March each year and run until the end of the summer. If you are interested in taking a class and have not spoken with someone from our team, please call our office prior to placing your order. If you haven’t already, view and pick which class you paying for, by click here.



USE PROMO CODE: NEWGUARD to receive your uniform discount.

You must also choose 1 of our 3 starter packs.
This includes, at the very least, a uniform t-shirt and hip-pack. You can’t work for us without these two items. We strongly recommend purchasing these items now because you will need your hip-pack for your in-water skills and you get a discount when you purchase the class and the starter packs together. You will not receive this discount if you purchase separately.

Remember that you must complete your online blended learning prior to your in-water skills assessment. If you do not complete your online blended learning, you will not be able to participate in the in-water portion. You can find more information on the American Cross Blended Learning our our Lifeguard Certification Class by clicking here.


USE PROMO CODE: RECERT to receive the discounted Recertification Class pricing.

Recertification classes do not include a discount on uniform bundles, however you still need to have a company shirt and hip pack to work for us! If you have never worked for us before, you must purchase, at the very minimum, one of our t-shirts and must have your own hip-pack, bag mask, and whistle (all of which are included in Lifeguard Bundle #1).

Remember to review the online blended learning skills prior to your in-water skills assessment.

Blended Learning

For more information, please contact our Director of Staffing by calling or texting our office.

*All uniforms purchased at the time of a class will be delivered to your class*