The following represents the terms and conditions covering the draining of your swimming pool by
Unique Pool Management. Unique Pool Management has been asked to drain your swimming pool for
necessary maintenance and/or repairs.

The following representations are made and should be understood:
Your swimming pool could shift or rise during the maintenance period due to soil or water conditions
beyond the control of Unique Pool Management. Plaster problems can vary based upon age, chemical
usage and regional water conditions. These variables can cause blistering and/or flaking of the plaster
after draining and during water replacement. During acid washing, all stains or imperfections may not
come out since staining can be deeply imbedded within the plaster. Acid washing is only for surface
stains and some chemical deposits will not be affected by the washing. Acid washing plaster may create
a surface that is not as smooth as a new plaster installation although care will be taken to provide a
finish surface as smooth as possible. If pool bottom is not visible, debris removal is limited to small
debris (i.e.: leaves, dust, twigs). Refilling of the pool is the consumer’s responsibility.
It is an express condition of our agreements that Unique Pool Management is to be free from all liability
and claims for damage resulting from pre-existing conditions of the pool during the term of our work.