Complete Pool Demolition

An unwanted swimming pool in your backyard is easy to remove. If you currently have an old in-ground pool taking up space in your backyard that you no longer want, we can help you! We can completely remove your pool (break up and haul away or bury concrete, fill in the hole that’s left in the ground with fill dirt, and lay seed or sod) or we can perform a swimming pool fill in (where we bring out fill dirt and completely bury the existing pool).

If you are trying to make your decision, consider the implications of keeping that unused or unwanted pool:

  • SAFETY – a pool left unused for years collects water. If left untreated, it is carries germs and bacteria. Dirty water (or even clean water) houses bugs, frogs, and other pesky wildlife. If you don’t have a cover over the top, you have a huge liability sitting and waiting for an accident to happen – you, your children, and your pets could fall in!
  • COST – Trying to keep up with an unused or unwanted pool is the best route to go if you are concerned about safety, however it is costly! The cost to keep that pool well maintained can become outrageous – especially for a pool you won’t even use! Besides the yearly cost, you may also be decreasing your property’s worth. If you plan on selling your house soon or in the future, it might be cheaper to demolish that uncared for pool and get more money for your home.
  • APPEARANCE – Not only is that pool a safety concern and expensive, it’s also an unattractive sight to see and takes up a lot of space. This is space you could be using as a backyard patio, a beautiful garden, or any other outdoor oasis you can dream up!

An old or destroyed in-ground pool is not only unsightly and unsafe, but it can significantly decrease your home or commercial property’s value. Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial property owner, we can help you remove that eyesore! We will take care of every step along the way including:

  • Obtaining the proper permits
  • Setting up country inspections
  • Removing and hauling away concrete or burying the existing hole
  • Bringing in fill dirt
  • Laying grass seed or sod

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