The kids are heading back to school this week, so that can only mean one thing: The swimming pool season is starting to wind down in St. Louis and St. Charles.  Before you know it the leaves will be falling and it’s time to close the pool.  Don’t wait too long to get on the closing schedule, the spots are filling up quickly.  It is very important to close your pool as clean and clear as you can.  By having a good cover and closing the pool clean, you will stop the growth of algae over the winter.  Less algae means less chance of staining for concrete pools and less chemicals and time getting it ready in the spring for all pools.  We can’t stress to our customers enough the importance of a good cover because it’s the first line of protection for your pool.  During the winter, it stops UV rays and their harmful effects, it keeps out debris, and it also keeps it safe.  If your cover is not what it once was, it is time to replace it with a new safety cover. The cover manufacturers are busy this time of year and you don’t want to wait to close your pool.  Call us now if you want a free estimate or to setup your closing.