Things That Should Be a Part of Your Weekly Pool Maintenance

Your weekly maintenance routine holds the key to how much you value your property and the people who use your swimming pool. Your maintenance affects everything from the quality of the water to the safety of people, the longevity of your pool equipment, and overall maintenance costs.

Maintaining a pool is where the real work of owning a swimming pool lies because this part is never-ending and must be done to a specific standard. It does not matter how much you spent to install your pool, the sole factor, which makes all that investment meaningful, is maintenance, says Pro X Management.

This is why it is critical to know what should be a part of your maintenance regimen, when each task must be done, and how it should be carried out. This is vitally important because water is a perfect breeding ground for many organisms. One wrong move can turn your pool into a septic mess.

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Getting a grip on pool maintenance

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Getting control of pool maintenance and keeping your pool in top-notch condition is hard due to the number of things you have to do. Because pool care requires a lot of commitment, pool owners are often haphazard in the way they approach it.

The result of doing this is the same as what happens when you deal with anything that has several moving parts. Some tasks will get all of your attention, other things will get a little of your attention and a few tasks will be forgotten completely.

This is why the first part of proper pool care is creating a checklist of all minor, major, regular, and occasional chores that make up your duties. And after that, drawing up a schedule of the assignments that should be done daily, weekly, monthly, biannually, and yearly.

Creating a checklist and time table will help you stay on track with everything. It will reduce the need to try and remember every little detail. And will introduce a more methodical approach to the way you do the jobs relating to your swimming pool maintenance.

What tasks should be a part of your weekly pool maintenance routine?

Your weekly pool maintenance schedule

    • Skim the pool surface

    Rubbish from various sources constantly piles into your swimming pool such as dead insects, leaves, twigs, dust, and flying debris. These can mix with natural oils from the human body and personal care products to turn the pool into a putrid pond. The surface of the water should be skimmed, at least, once a week to get rid of all floating matter.

    • Vacuum the pool

    Some debris that falls into the pool will sink below the surface where they will be out of the reach of your skimmers. These can be removed by vacuuming the pool. You can do this manually using a pole with a vacuum head at one end. Or you can install a robotic pool cleaner that runs at specific hours of the day.

    • Check the pool water level

    Maintaining optimum water levels is essential for the proper function of pool equipment. If the water falls below the required levels, the pool pumps may not work as they should.

    Maintaining the water at the right level also makes it easier to catch pool leaks and other problems at an early stage. Swimming pools constantly lose water through evaporation and splashing, therefore water levels should be checked every week.

    • Brush pool sides and bottom

    Pool walls are very susceptible to the build-up of calcium and mold growth. If left unchecked calcium buildup poses serious structural challenges to a pool and can cause leaks in the pool wall and piping. Mold can also cause discoloration of pool surfaces. Cleaning the walls and bottom of the swimming pool may be done with a cleaning brush or a robotic pool cleaner.

    • Check pool chemical levels

    Pool pH and chlorine level are the best indicator of the health of the swimming pool water. Pool water that is out of balance will irritate the eyes/skin of swimmers and damage their hair. It will also damage the pool’s surfaces and equipment. While pool chemical checks should be done more than once a week, adding chemicals to the water to correct chemical issues will probably not have to be done more than once a week.

    • Clean out the skimmer/ pump basket

    The pool skimmer basket sifts out leaves and other debris from overflow surface water. It protects the pool filter system by keeping out large debris that could clog the filter pipes. Cleaning out the skimmer basket and pump baskets should be done, at least, once every week.

    • Inspect pool pump and filter

    The automatic filtration system should be checked weekly. Filter pressure must be monitored closely and if it not where it should be, weekly backwashing may be necessary. Along with the filter, filter covers, main drain covers, and pipes should be checked for leaks. During inspections, special attention should be given to the operation of the pump motor and pump time clock.

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Owning a pool can be a great experience but it does not come without a little weekly work.  This is where we come in, if you are more interested in enjoying your pool rather than working on it, we are here to help.  We have weekly cleaning packages to keep your pool beautiful all summer long.

This Blog was contributed by Ross Price at Pro X Property Management.